I have traveled to Italy about four years ago and just briefly visited Florence & Tuscany for about a day's trip.


But I had to move on because of my tight travel schedule. I later traveled to Venice, Milan and a few other stops along the way.

This time, I am back for a few days and its only in Florence for a wedding, but I am still waiting anxiously for a wedding in Tuscany's countryside.

So if you are planning to have your destination wedding in Tuscany with a Tuscany wedding photographer and you are reading this, PLEASE contact me!! :)

Upon arriving from Rome, I took a direct train to Florence or Firenze. It brought back some awesome memories.

I could not believe how time flies! Everything is the same, but different in a way, perhaps it's the tourist and weather.

It was rainy the day I got here. It never rains throughout my journey around Italy years ago and hence changed the way the landscape looked. Yes, getting my summer shoes wet isn't ideal, I had to buy new shoes even after I have brought two pairs of shoes with me!

What I love about shooting a destination wedding is getting to know new people, catching up with previous mates or vendors and seeing new things inspires me.

Ok, going back to my wedding in Il Salviatino.

I did some googling and had seen images of the wedding venue in Florence, but it looked so much better when I was there. Italian structure for me, or at least around Florence seems quite boxy with corners, so for some, it may have looked a bit boring, but somehow, it grows within you to slowly love it more. Slowly seeing more details as time passed.

I think Florence or Tuscany is pretty underrated, tourist visiting or coming here for a destination wedding and a destination wedding photographer needs more time to absorb the local vibe, culture, and beauty of this place.

This was my first shot of IL Salviatino and more to come.

Tuscany Wedding Photographer